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With 8200 Users
the Stolz App is a good and Future oriented exclusive platform, to share interests, to find new Dates in your country and to fix a date.
We don't offer any chat where you have to spend more time with writing rather than finding new girlfriends or guys in reality. With us there aren't any fakes but real dates.
All of our users want a face to face date. They don't want any Illusory World. Because we also want a real face to face Date at Sport , Lunch or candle light dinner.
With our App you find, search for and meet Stolz App Users Worldwide  and they have their position in the vicinity 50 km.
You also have the possibility to enter in telephone contact with the Users.
Form your advertisement to make it clear what ever you want and what you are looking for..
For example: Woman 40, looking for a serious man over 45 years old... Man is looking for.... Who wanna go fishing with me?...
Enter your valid Tel.Nr.... We check it....


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